DMV Food truck association

We exist to enrich and promote the food truck industry by serving our members and engaging the community.

Our Mission

OUR STORY Since 2010 the DMV Food Truck Association has been fighting for food truck small businesses. Founded by 17 owner-operators who defeated a proposed food truck moratorium in DC, the FTA has quickly grown into one of the largest food truck associations in the country. In 2013 the FTA led the Save DC Food Trucks campaign that defeated a proposal to shut out food trucks from most of downtown. Since then the FTA has been at the forefront of removing obstacles to vending and promoting mobile entrepreneurship across the Washington metropolitan area, working to pass new food truck laws in the City of Alexandria as well as in Fairfax, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties.

What the Community is Saying...

"Leading the charge to protect all area food trucks is the DMV Food Truck Association."
-Capitol File
“Perhaps the strongest expression of mobile food vending hasn’t been made on the sidewalks of Farragut Square, but in the corridors of the John A. Wilson Building. Food Trucks are now a lobbying force to with which D.C. officials must reckon.”

Start a Food Truck

Since the first food truck opened in our area in 2009, the food truck community has been investing in the local economy, creating jobs and helping to revitalize underdeveloped areas. 

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Do You Have Hungry Tenants?

We can bring you food trucks during lunch/dinner hours to feed your hungry tenants through our lot management program.